Inside Out : A Big Step Forward for Pixar

Pixar is one of the most universally adored animation studios on the planet. They’re created modern classics such as Finding Nemo and the Toy Story trilogy that are bound to be loved and revered for generations. They also have a female protagonist problem. It’s not pretty, but it makes sense when you realize that the studio was founded by and is currently run by a bunch of men. People write what they know, which explains the male driven content that Pixar put out from 1995’s Toy Story until 201

10 Disney Movies with Tons of Girl Power

Last week, I had the pleasure of seeing Big Hero 6 on its opening night. It was a fantastic movie and one of the best things about it was its strong female heroes, Honey Lemon and Gogo Tomago. These two ladies got me thinking about other strong women in the Disney canon., so I decided to write a list highlighting the most feminist-friendly Disney films. (I’m focusing on films made at Disney Animation Studios, so Pixar and DisneyToon are excluded.)

Don’t Look at J-Law’s Nudes

This weekend, the internet exploded when an unknown hacker from the scum capital of the internet, 4chan, leaked private photos of a slew of female celebrities. Kate Upton, Ariana Grande, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead make up just a few of the victims, but the conversation seems to focus on Jennifer Lawrence. Thousands of douchecanoes have justified looking at Lawrence’s pictures by saying if she didn’t want them to be seen, she shouldn’t have taken them in the first place.

Why I Love My Fake Internet Friends

It’s no secret that my generation spends a ton of time on social media. With Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and whatever else is out there consuming our lives, I wouldn’t be surprised if the average teenager spent more time talking to friends online than IRL ones. Inside jokes can be born just as easily over text as in person. Dumb Snapchat selfies now count as face to face interaction. Ask anyone at my high school and they’ll tell you that friendships can grow and become stronger online.